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Richard L Haight



TEM for Spirituality: The Awakening Mindset (Beginner)

Total Embodiment Meditation® for Spirituality provides you with novel, simple, practical meditation/awareness applications for your awakening path, with the aim of true embodiment.

This course has 32 in-depth video-lessons that cover the fundamental practices and knowledge to help expedite your awakening/embodiment process, while helping you to see many of the spiritual traps along the path.

FREE with Registration

TEM Select Starter Meditations (Beginner)

$99 to Purchase (16 Free Sample Lessons)

The Warrior’s Meditation®: Master Class (Beginner-Intermediate)

FREE TRIAL then $14.99 per month or $119.99 per year

TEM Daily Training (Intermediate-Advanced Intermediate)

$199 for Lifetime Access

Bodily Awakening and Rejuvenation (Advanced Intermediate)

What a great pleasure it is to present to you this highly focused course, designed to enhance the communion between the mind and body. As many of us lack this connection, this training program is a powerful tool in our awakening process.

By practicing with care and sincerity, you can move closer to achieving a trusting communion with your body. This deeper level of connection will allow you to experience more love, respect, acceptance, and appreciation between your mind and body. These benefits can lead to rejuvenation and a greater sense of wellbeing in your life.

I am confident that this course will prepare you for the next level of training - The Spirit of Truth. So, let's embark on this journey together and build a stronger connection between our minds and bodies.


The Spirit of Truth (Advanced)

Get ready for a life-changing course! Say goodbye to being trapped in the story of your life and to lying to yourself with self-absorbed narratives.

Even the most honest people self-deceive in subtle ways, creating a rift between mind and body, which comes at an often-unrecognized cost. But this course will help you break free from that cycle of self-deception and build a stronger connection between your mind and body.

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Join author and spiritual teacher Richard L. Haight on his weekly explorations as he delves into the spiritual principles and pitfalls present in the turbulent events and narratives of our time. These insightful discussions will revolve around the zeitgeist of our day, the evolving narratives of our culture, the state of our leadership, and the impending changes that lie ahead.