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TEM for Spirituality: The Awakening Mind provides you with novel, simple, practical meditation/awareness applications for your awakening path, with the aim of true embodiment.

This course has 32 in-depth video-lessons that cover the fundamental practices and knowledge to help expedite your awakening/embodiment process, while helping you to see many of the spiritual traps along the path.

How is this course different from The Warrior’s Meditation®: Essential Teachings?

The Warrior’s Meditation course is focused on mastering your meditation technique through intensive neurological training. The benefits of such mastery will bleed into all aspects of your life. We have sports athletes using it to complement their physical training, actors using it to improve their acting. People use it to improve their relationships. It helps just about anything you do, once you acclimate to the method.

TEM for Spirituality, on the other hand, is focused on how to use the Total Embodiment Method for the explicit purpose of spiritual awakening. If your aim is to awaken spiritually, TEM for Spirituality is probably a great place to start, as it will teach you the basic mindset necessary to make real progress.

Note: TEM if practiced sincerely can benefit anyone regardless of the religious or cultural background of the practitioner, so long as the individual is open, honest, sincere, and flexible. Without openness, honesty, sincerity, and flexibility, no method will help.

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