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I am thrilled to introduce you to this incredible course that will transform your life. How would it feel to no longer be captured by the story of your life, to no longer lie to yourself, and to no longer spin reality with self-absorbed narratives? How would it feel to know what is really motivating many of the disharmonious behaviors and compulsions of your life and have a powerful pathway to quickly transcend those unhelpful energies?

Through sincere practice of the lessons in this course, most, if not all of the above abilities will reveal themselves to you. Furthermore, this course will greatly reduce or end your unconscious tendency for self-deception and help you awaken the “Spirit of Truth” within. If you’re interested in how your mind works as an extension of an intelligent body, this course will definitely catch your attention.

Even the most honest people self-deceive in subtle ways unconscious ways. This deception creates a rift between the mind and body, which comes at an often-unrecognized cost. This rift effectively veils us from our true selves, creating the false perception that we are our conditioning, our traumas, our life story — our identity. The deeper truth is that our identity is but a covering for the real you. The Latin word “persona” translates into English as “mask.” We have become enslaved by our masks.

The question is, what’s behind the deception, what’s beneath the mask?

The Spirit of Truth will provide you with a powerful set of embodiment tools to help you see behind the mask, beyond the deception, and to help you break free from the cycle of self-deception that has plagued humanity from time immemorial. Most importantly, this training will help you build an even stronger connection between your mind and body than you were able to achieve with Bodily Awakening and Rejuvenation.

The practices in this course reveal an extraordinary power – YOU. Are you ready to face your Self?

Location: Online & On-Demand


  • Bodily Awakening and Rejuvenation
  • Active member of TEM Daily Training with at least one month of daily practice recommended (be sure to click the Mark Complete at the bottom of the TEM Daily Training portal)

Price: $299

This content is for Bodily Awakening and Rejuvenation and The Spirit of Truth members only.
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