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To support your practice as a TEM beginner, here are 30 free TEM Select Starter Meditations that are meant to be practiced in conjunction with The Warrior’s Meditation®: Master Class (first half of the master class is also freely viewable).

Register then scroll down to begin your training today. Mark each lesson complete to move onto the next lesson.

When you are finished with these lessons and The Warrior’s Meditation®: Master Class, you should be ready for higher-level training. At that time, you are welcome to join TEM Daily Training, which will introduce you to some amazing new meditative tools and abilities. It’s a daily meditative adventure!

“I highly recommend TEM to anyone who wants to truly and fully live their life on a different level. I am whole-heartedly and beyond grateful to have found TEM meditation, for it has impacted the quality of my life on so many levels.” —Carrie Harney-Ford

Practicing TEM with Richard L Haight has decreased my resistance to the ups and downs of life, freeing up more energy for work and play. I have experienced a deeper connection to my environment, not only to the plants and animals, but inanimate objects as well. Every aspect of my life has been positively affected by the work I have done with Total Embodiment Meditation.” ―Kris Kokay, Acupuncturist

If I had to describe myself before I learned about TEM I would say I was a struggling meditator.
This changed clearly with Richard’s introduction of the TEM. When I first tried it, I was positively surprised to discover that I felt as if there was a lot of space around me! Now, I would rather describe myself now as a curious, patient, humble explorer and student of (the state of) ”Isness”. —Joern Felgendreher

TEM practice has revealed to me how to exist completely unattached to the outcome of circumstances while still being fully engaged with what is in front of me. I feel more stable, solid, and joyful for what life has to bring me. Most importantly, I feel more engaged with life. —Celina Reppond, Palates Instructor

When I signed up to take Richard’s TEM course and to partake in his online live daily meditations, I knew I was very close to being an awake individual, I just didn’t know how to make the leap. Richard and TEM were the answer for me. I know I still have a lot to learn and am grateful to have Richard as my teacher. ―Toni H.

“I have a powerful new relationship with the world because of TEM Daily Guided Meditations, as bodily awareness has given me confidence in my posture and stride. It feels really good to be alive, in the body, right here, right now.” ―Barbara Becker

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