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You could think of TEM Daily Training as a neurological workout. You will learn all new exercises and drills, while refining what you learned from The Warrior’s Meditation: Master Class. The training is fresh, varied, challenging, and playful. TEM Daily Training will a strong foundation for bodily awareness and communion, which will serve you well throughout your life and in all higher levels of training.

What students are saying:

“I’ve really enjoyed the new training, and how Richard has combined The Warrior’s Meditation: Master Class teachings and drills with the Daily Training. It’s kept the Daily Training fresh and alive for me, and it’s opened a lot more feeling in my body. Thank you, Richard.” – Joe Fletcher

“Through the Daily Training, I feel like I’m getting a real work out. I look forward to participating in the live sessions and revisiting the meditations through the 24-hour recordings. It’s putting areas to the test that have not been worked before. Everything is interesting, and I am really, really enjoying it!” – Angela Van Meter

“The Daily Training has challenged my neurology, which is a good thing. It has enlightened certain aspects of my daily life that are sometimes taken for granted. It has opened my total awareness, and my body feels vibrant and clear. It’s like the sediment is settling, and I am becoming clearer and clearer. Thank you very, very much, Richard.” – Ted Noble

“To me, the Daily Training has evolved into something invaluable. I sense this training may help reveal what it actually means to be alive in this human form.” – James Benton

“I feel the practice is helping me with structuring my life and disciplining myself. Also, I tend to be too willful, and I find the exercises in the Daily Training help me to be more playful and less willful with my meditation practice, compared with the TEM Select Starter Meditations.” – Biangka Polynice


  • Daily meditation recordings are available in the portal below for 24 hours.
  • Daily Live Zoom meetings start at 7 AM Pacific and last between 10-15 minutes.
  • (Optional) Group Coaching sessions are available after each morning meditation, where you can refine what you learned in the morning meditation.

Together, in a playful way, let’s strengthen, refine, and embody the subtle and varied aspects that you learned from The Warrior’s Meditation: Master Class each day! Richard L. Haight

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  • To attend the live sessions, you'll need to install Zoom on your device, you'll be given the option when you click on the Live Session link in the meditation portal for the first time.