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The Warrior’s Meditation®: Master Class (Beginner-Intermediate)

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To practice The Warrior’s Meditation is to practice simplicity of Being in action and inaction. Practiced properly, it will change your life. — Richard L. Haight

“I have just taken TWM online course, and I am blown away! The lessons are perfect for everyone, from someone who has never meditated, to the person who has been meditating a long time.” — Linda LaTores

“In my opinion this course has the potential to significantly strengthen one’s meditation practice especially in the realm of bringing awareness into everyday life. Quite a unique feat if you ask me.” — Barbara Becker

“I highly recommend this to anyone who has found The Warrior’s Meditation intriguing and is curious to explore the process in depth. Enjoy!” — Kathleen Kellaigh

“The course was taught in a very clear and concise manner. The exercises were effective and built off of one another really naturally. This is a great resource!” — Mark Lyon

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Course Content

Part 1 -- Brainwave States and Meditation
Part 2 -- Conscious Alpha and the Senses
Part 3 -- The Secret of Spherical Awareness
Part 4 -- The Warrior's Meditation