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Friends, I am thrilled to introduce you to Bodily Awakening and Rejuvenation – a course designed to help you uncover the intelligence and wisdom of your body, which often goes unnoticed by the conscious mind.

Through this course, we will learn to recognize and respect the hidden potential of our bodies, allowing it to express itself in our daily lives. The lessons in BAR combine a unique form of conscious theta meditation with TEM Self-Therapy, enabling the body to relax and commune with the mind at a deep level.

Precision is the cornerstone of this course. During my personal journey through a near total health collapse, I discovered the importance of precise self-therapy and meditation techniques. This experience led me to develop a novel approach to TEM Self-Therapy, which I share with you in this course.

Through the practices in this course, you will learn to tap into the intelligence and wisdom of your body, building trust and inner unification. Let the knowledge you gain through Bodily Awakening and Rejuvenation serve you well in all aspects of your life.


I have seen instant results, noticing them for myself, before they were described in the videos. This is the most precise and accurate course I have been a part of.

Dan Bagnall

Finding BAR so enjoyable, fascinating and playful…my body loves the degree of attention being received. PLUS(!) I’ve now grown 1/2 inch! It’s like I’ve eaten Jack’s magic beans…. This is so cool.

Kimberly dela Cruz Odom

I’m loving these exercises. I feel like I’ve been given a user manual for the body. It’s delightful.

Marilyn Arcand

I am thoroughly enjoying the course and the way the body is fully and openly responding to the practices. My body alignment is better and I’m getting better sleep at night. Starting to feel rejuvenated as bodily awareness is increasing. The course does exactly what it says it does in its title. It’s a true work of art…

Irene Barnett

I feel this is the most beneficial and powerful course I have undertaken to date. The course has been a revelation for me so far and my back and neck have improved a great deal. I feel much lighter in my body and more positive in attitude. I feel I have started to gain trust and communion with my body…

Joe Fletcher

I’m so thankful to this here body for communicating with me over the last few days. My overall energy is becoming light and soft, so much so my friend pointed it out. “Your energy is so much nicer to be around “ …. How lovely to have changed enough that it’s noticeable.

Angela Van Meter

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