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TRUST and Psychic Debt is a year-long group commitment to meet once a week for 90-minute live Zoom meetings. There is homework and regular communication between weekly sessions.

Have you been practicing TEM with true sincerity? Do you practice spherical awareness often each day? Have you endeavored to develop a trusting relation with the body, to respect and accept it? Have you been diligent in consciously turning off the capacity for self-deception?

If you can answer the above questions with an honest “Yes,” then you are likely ready for the next level, the exploration of TRUST as it relates to your true Self and psychic debt.

What is TRUST?

Most of us think we know what trust is. And most of us think we trust ourselves. I can almost guarantee you those assessments are illusions, and this course will demonstrate that to you from the very start.

The above assertion may sound like a bad thing, but the opposite is true. Consider that you must first know where you stand (what your current blockages are) before you can course-correct. True TRUST only comes of deep body-mind-spirit unification.

What is psychic debt?

Psychic debt is shorthand for psychological debt. Psychic debt is the accumulation of negativity that has built up in your psyche, your neurology, your connective tissue over the span of your life. It takes on myriad forms and affects the way you see yourself and the world.

Psychic debt influences every moment of your life, how you feel and what motivates you. It affects your job, your relationships, your health…everything, really. It’s the veil that prevents you from embodying your true Self.

Only through the Spirit of Truth, backed by curiosity, courage and love, can the debt be balanced. The process will take time and persistence.

Balancing psychic debt will challenge you like you have never been challenged before. Many people would sooner escape into insanity than see the debt honestly.

As your mentor, I am here to help keep you safe on this journey into the darkness of your unconscious. If you have any concern about your mental stability, you need to let me know when you apply. 

If you have a tendency to avoid seeing the unpleasant aspects of yourself and are unwilling to change that habit, this course is not for you at this time. Please dedicate yourself to developing the qualities listed above before applying.

Only if you are tired of running from yourself, tired of self-absorption and want to fully embody your true Self should you apply for this course.

Beyond keeping you safe, my job is to play the roles of metaphorical angel and demon. I will help draw out your debt (often in tricky ways), so you can see it, then I will help you to realize the path to balancing the debt.

The process is not always be pleasant, and sometimes you may hate me for it, but if you persevere, you will realize every interaction we have comes of the deepest of love and respect, though it will not necessarily appear that way sometimes.

STOP and really consider before applying. Do you truly trust that I have your best interests at heart according to your stated aim of awakening? You must be sure. If you don’t trust me deeply, wait until you do.

Finally, the goal of participants must NOT be to complete the course. A healthier goal is to go as far as you can safely.

If you find yourself not following through, or if you start losing mental stability, contact me immediately. It may be time for you to step away from the course. If you don’t take the initiative to step away on your own, I will be forced to remove you. Please do not put me in that position, for doing so, only increases your distrust of self. What would be the point of that?

Opens mid to late 2023

Location: Online Live Zoom Meetings Wednesdays at 10:30 AM Pacific time.

Prerequisites (be completely familiar with my courses and books, as all of it will be open to discussion):

  • The Warrior’s Meditation®: Essential Teachings
  • Bodily Awakening and Rejuvenation
  • The Spirit of Truth
  • Minimum 6 months active subscription to TEM Daily Guided Meditations with actual practice each day
  • Have read (The Unbound Soul, The Warrior’s Meditation, Unshakable Awareness, The Psychedelic Path, Inspirience, The Genesis Code)

Price: $999

  • You will need a computer or a smartphone.
  • You will need an internet connection.
  • You will need to install Zoom on your device.
  • You will need a microphone to communicate.