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Taking Spiritual Authority in Daily Life

Replay -- All Lessons from the Course

Here are all the lessons from the audio-course for your review. I recommend you save this email, so you can refer back to lessons that you found helpful.


Lesson #1 — The Inate

Lesson #2 — The Search for Self

Lesson #3 — Your Story

Lesson #4 — The Power of Curiosity

Lesson #5 — The Nature of Emotions

Lesson #6 — The Nature of Thought

Lesson #7 — Feeling Associations

Lesson #8 — The Power of the Senses

Lesson #9 — The Bindings of Memory

Lesson #10 — Spiritual Pitfalls

Lesson #11 — Unbinding Yourself from Language

Lesson #12 — Putting it All Together

I hope you enjoyed the course. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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