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As many of you know, the transition from the old website and training system to the new one has not gone smoothly.

I’ve been in contact with technical support for the new system for about a month now, but they have proven to be entirely insufficient with their support.

Unfortunately, the issues and poor support has almost certainly affected your access to The Warrior’s Meditation Daily Training, and that is just not right.

Of the three issues, the first two issues affects (or has affected) everyone who came from the old site:

1.You getting a message saying you need to complete The Warrior’s Meditation: Essential Teachings first when you try to access the portal below? What that means is you need to go into each lesson for that course and mark it as complete. That course is a prerequisite to accessing the training here. Though you may have completed it under the old system, the new one has no way of knowing that. It’s a bit annoying, but it can’t be any other way. Click the link below to start marking:

2. If you try to log in to TWM Daily Training and it says you do not have an account, what that means is your subscription has expired. I did not transfer subscriptions over because of technical issues that were preventing that possibility. I created your accounts without subscriptions and gave each account an expiration date based on when your subscription renewal date. What I did not realize is that the new software doesn’t email you when the expiration date is hit; instead, it simply deletes your subscription account entirely.

This issue is a ticking time-bomb–if it has not already affected you, it will when your subscription expires.

Between the two above issues, some of you have missed a few days of training. So, here is my solution. For those of you who are still unable to access after marking the complete the lessons in The Warrior’s Meditation: Essential Teachings course, what it means is your account has been automatically deleted. You simply need resubscribe to the training again. Don’t worry, your old subscription payment records have all been deleted, so you won’t be double charged when you start your new subscriptions. I have the records of your end dates for your previous subscriptions, so we can see when you would have normally expired.

Here is my way of making up the lost time to you. When you resubscribe, email me to let me know that you would like me to make up for the lost time. I can check my records and add in the missing days. It will be different for everyone, so it must be done on an individual basis.
3. An uncommon issue — If you resubscribe, but you are still not let in, please email me immediately, so I can manually check your account.

If you are currently suffering from any other issues, please reach out to me via email and let me know the symptoms (providing screenshots of the issue, if possible, will be very helpful).

Finally, the new training is awesome! Those of us who have been able to access it, have been having a great time and are learning and developing marvelously. I am saddened that some of you have missed the sessions!

Please know that your training experience is very important to me, and I love supporting your process. I hope to see you there live some time!

Warmest regards,